What Is Comestic Cotton Pad?How To Use It?

- Oct 22, 2020-

What is comestic cotton pad?How to use it?

  1.The comestic cotton pad is used to remove makeup. It is a small cotton piece about 5-6 cm long pressed from cotton or paper pulp. It can easily remove old skin waste, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick without using water and soap. , Makeup remover for eyelashes and other makeup. It can be used to remove makeup, lipstick, cleansing lotion, and moisturizing lotion.

  2.How to use:

(1) Apply lotion: Dip an appropriate amount of lotion and gently rub the whole face from the inside out until the lotion penetrates into the skin.

(2) Make-up remover: stack 3 pieces of cotton pads together and pour makeup remover lotion.

(3) As a mask or eye mask: Dip it in moisturizing or whitening lotion, and apply it locally on the cheeks or around the eyes for about 5-10 minutes.

Extended information:


According to material

(1)   Absorbent cotton comestic cotton pad: relatively thick, soft to the touch, it needs more amount when used to apply lotion, but it has the phenomenon of desquamation, the water absorption is weak, but it is better than the soft texture, suitable for gentle wiping and applying surface.

(2)   Non-woven comestic cotton pads: relatively thin, thick to the touch, but strong in water absorption.

According to the form

(1)   Comestic cotton pads with side pressing: suitable for lotions and thin emulsions. The edge pressing design can prevent moisture from deep, ensuring that every drop of skin care ingredients is absorbed by the skin.

(2)   Comestic cotton pads without crimping: It is more suitable for simple facial masks. The thickness is generally 4-5mm. Thicker materials can facilitate the peeling of the cotton pads into a thinner form, ensuring that the moisture will not overflow while being absorbed by the skin.

(3)   All-wrapped comestic cotton pads: it has the convenience of crimping and retains the thickness of non-crimped cotton pads. However, the outer layer of tissue paper requires particularly high technical requirements, and it is necessary to ensure that it is free of hair and wrinkles.

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