Warning And Precautions Of Ovulation (LH) Test

- Feb 03, 2018-

For in vitro diagnostic use only

1) When uses this product, you should not take the hCG or the LH medicine which may influence the test result, moreover, In pregnancy, menopause or use of contraceptives during the test the result will not normal.

2) As with all diagnostic tests, a definitive diagnostic should not be based on the results of a single test, but should only be made by the physician after all clinical and lab findings have been evaluated.

3) Read directions for use carefully before performing this test. Pay attention to the position of the C and T line.

4) Do not use beyond the labeled expiry date.

5) Do not reuse the test devices. Discard it in the dustbin after single use.

6) Do not use if pouch is damaged or opened.

7) Do not touch the membrane located within the windows.

8) Once open the pouch, the test device should be used immediately. Prolonged exposure to ambient humidity will cause product deterioration.

9) Treat urine samples and used devices as if they are potentially infectious. Avoid contact with skin

10) Examine if the urine dropper and urine cup exists before usage. (Strip II, Cassette)