Usages Of Vacuum Blood Collecting Tubes

- Jan 30, 2018-

Our company produces various kinds of blood collecting tubes. Different tubes have different usages.

Section 3

EDTA tubes are used in clinic hematology checking. Such as routine analysis of blood, etc.. They are applicable to all sorts of blood cell’s analysis (such as blood cell form microscopy, blood cell counting, red blood cell specific volume, HGB, sickle testing, etc.).

Heparin tube are used for blood specimen collection in clinic biochemical, emergency care biochemical and hemorrheological tests.

Glucose tubes are applicable to measure GLU. They can keep the blood specimen in original status for long time. Effectively prevent GLU metabolizing. Insure the test data of GLU invariably in 72 hours. Additive: Sodium fluoride + Potassium oxalate, Sodium fluoride + Sodium heparin, Sodium fluoride + EDTAK2, Sodium fluoride + EDTAN2.

ESR tubes are used for mating with many brands of full automatic ESR. As the little blood taking, small negative pressure in the tube, the blood taking time is comparatively longer, do patient to wait till the blood stop flowing to the blood collection tube. Then mix it 5-8 times to make the anticoagulant agent and blood mix completely. Inappropriate mixing will cause hemolysis, blood clotting or blood bubble. Affect the result of the rest.