Usages Of Vacuum Blood Collecting Tubes

- Jan 19, 2018-

Our company produces various kinds of blood collecting tubes. Different tubes have different usages.

Section 1

Plain tubes are used for blood sample collection and storage in biochemical, immunization, serum, etc. clinical medical science inspection. The inner walls are handled specially. They are extremely smooth. Prevent blood sticking on the wall effectively. Utmost reduced the specimen’s vitro hemolysis.

Gel and clot activator tubes are applicable to gain high quality serum specimen in biochemical, immunology, serum, etc. clinical medicine science inspection. The inner walls are equally coated pro-coagulant which greatly shortened the blood coagulation time. The separation gel is pure substance. It has stable physical and chemical character. It forms barrier after solidify while apart from the center. Separate the serum and blood cell completely. Effectively prevent the exchange between the two substances.