Usages Of Vacuum Blood Collecting Tubes

- Jan 23, 2018-

Our company produces various kinds of blood collecting tubes. Different tubes have different usages.

                                                                  Section 2

      Pro-coagulation tubes are used for the quick request of blood specimen collecting in biochemical, immunology, etc. clinical medicine science inspection. The inner walls are handled specially. They are extremely smooth. Pro-coagulation is equally coated on the inner wall to insure blood coagulated completely in 5-8minutes. No need the help of any heater (such as water thermostat, etc.).

      PT tubes are applicable to blood coagulation test. They are designed according to the ratio 1:9 of anti-coagulation and blood specimen. The precision proportion assured the test result effectively. Avoid misdiagnosing. As the slight toxicity of sodium citrate, the tube are also used for blood reserving.