U.S. Department Of Justice Sued Facebook For Discrimination Against Americans: High Paying Jobs Give Priority To Foreign Workers

- Dec 04, 2020-

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Facebook, the US social media giant, accusing it of "discriminating against American citizens" and "preferring to employ foreign workers" in thousands of high paying jobs.

Facebook has violated the law by giving priority to hiring foreign workers with h1-b and other work visas, rather than considering qualified U.S. citizens who are interested in some jobs, the Ministry of Justice said Monday. The lawsuit filed by the Ministry of justice involved more than 2600 jobs offered by the company from January 2018 to September 2019, the report said.

In the indictment, the Justice Department said Facebook deliberately "created" a special recruitment system that "refused to consider" qualified U.S. citizens, but offered jobs to people holding green cards and work visas such as h1-b. In response, a Reuters report quoted a spokesman for the company as saying, "Facebook has been cooperating with the Justice Department's review of the issue, and although we believe the charges in the indictment are controversial, we are unable to comment further on the pending litigation at this time."