Trump Is The Number One In History!

- Jan 14, 2021-

Ten Republican congressmen defected! Trump became the first American president to be impeached twice during his term of office

The house of Representatives voted on the draft impeachment of trump on the 13th local time. Fox news just reported that the house of Representatives finally passed the impeachment of President trump by a vote of 232:197. So far, trump has become the first president in American history who was impeached twice during his term of office.

Capitol Hill described the vote of 232 in favor and 197 against as historic - making trump the first president to be impeached twice in American history. And this time Trump's Democratic critics have the support of both parties. Ten Republican lawmakers voted for the impeachment clause, accusing trump of "inciting violence.".

The Washington Post said Trump's second impeachment was the most "bipartisan" impeachment in history.

Earlier, vice president burns sent a letter to House Speaker Pelosi on the 12th, refusing to recall President trump by invoking the 25th amendment to the constitution. Earlier in the day, the house of Representatives announced the final version of the impeachment case to be put to the vote. The impeachment clause accused trump of "inciting rebellion" and demanded that trump be "impeached and tried, removed from the presidency, and disqualified from the relevant honor, credit, and remunerated position".

McConnell made it clear: before Biden is sworn in, the Senate will not try the impeachment case

According to CNN news, Senate Majority Leader McConnell made it clear on the 13th that the Senate will not try Trump's impeachment case before Biden is sworn in.

CNN report screenshot

Reported that McConnell made it clear in a statement that President Trump's impeachment trial will begin after January 19. "I believe it will be the best for our country for Congress and the executive to focus on ensuring the security of the inauguration ceremony and the orderly transfer of power in the next seven days." McConnell said in a statement.