Transition Team Consultant: Biden Doesn't Need To Contact Trump

- Nov 27, 2020-

Transition team Consultant: Biden doesn't need to contact trump

    With the beginning of the transition of the U.S. regime, various departments of the trump government began to communicate with Biden team, but trump himself did not talk to Biden. On the 25th local time, an adviser to Biden's transition team said Biden "did not have to" contact trump in order to obtain all kinds of information.

    "We don't think it's necessary for a president-elect like Biden to talk to trump in order to get that information," said Kate beddingfield, an adviser to the transition team, when talking about government information such as national security, foreign policy and response to the epidemic, according to us "Newsweek" on the 25th She points out that the team has begun to receive the information it needs.

    Biden said in an interview with NBC on the 24th that he had not communicated directly with trump since the US media announced his victory. But Biden went on to say that if trump offered to meet, he would "of course" agree. Meanwhile, Biden's team said that as of the evening of the 24th, they had contacted more than 50 agencies and committees, including every major office under the White House president's office, as well as national security and foreign policy officials.