The U.S. Electoral College Elected The President Today, Trump: It's Not Over Yet!

- Dec 14, 2020-

Thanks to President Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the election results, this year's Electoral College vote Monday is getting extra scrutiny and taking on even more significance.

All 50 states have already certified their election results ensuring that Joe Biden will be the 46th president, but the Electoral College vote makes the result official.

Electors, including political celebrities such as both Bill and Hillary Clinton, will gather in state capitols across the country tocement the outcome of this momentous race.

The US Electoral College members are set to meet in their separate states and cast their votes on Monday for the US president based on the certified results in their states, a finalizing step to confirm Joe Biden as the president-elect.

The electors are chosen by the political parties of each state ahead of the November general election. The party whose candidate gets the most votes for president in the state gets to have its electors vote for that candidate. (Most states have a winner-take-all system, with Maine and Nebraska being the exceptions.)

Speaking to Fox News, Trump asserted the election dispute was “not over.” ... “And we’re going to continue to go forward,” Trump said.