The Chinese Vaccine Is Here And The President Personally Picks It Up

- Jan 18, 2021-

On the 16th local time, 1 million doses of the Chinese National Medicines New Crown inactivated vaccine arrived in Serbia.Serbian President Vucic led the Minister of Health and other government officials on the tarmac waiting to be greeted.

Vucic said that he would not conceal his love for China on any occasion. "I came here to pick up the plane not only because of the good quality of China's vaccines, but also to express the true friendship between China and Serbia. Thank you China for a long time to Serbia. support."

It is understood that the vaccine will be given priority to Serbian medical workers and high school and university educators. Serbian citizens and foreign citizens in Serbia can make appointments for vaccinations against the new crown through two ways: online registration or call center appointments.

According to the report, according to members of the Serbian National Anti-epidemic Command, like the US vaccine and the Russian vaccine, the Chinese new crown vaccine will also be temporarily registered and then formally registered.In early February last year, when the European and American media ridiculed China's fight against the epidemic, Serbia immediately assisted China with a batch of medical supplies. "In order to support China's fight against the epidemic, we provide assistance to the Chinese side and believe that China will surely be able to overcome the difficulties."

After the outbreak of the epidemic in Serbia, China's dripping grace for Serbia has been reported.On March 15, 2020, Serbian President Vucic delivered a speech, declaring a state of emergency throughout the country, and said in tears that "the only hope is in China." That night, the first batch of 1,000 new coronavirus nucleic acid test kits donated by China arrived in Serbia.On March 21, 2020, the official blog of the Embassy of Serbia in China asked China for help and provided a list of medical equipment and products urgently needed in Serbia.

On March 22, a team of experts sent by China arrived in Serbia with medical supplies. Vucic not only led a number of government officials to pick up the plane in person, but also gave an affectionate kiss to the five-star red flag and tied the national flags of the two countries together.