The British Uncle Reads The China Daily On The Roadside, What Is Life In London Under Brexit And The Epidemic?

- Dec 28, 2020-

The last few days of 2020 will be an even worse time for many Britons. "Brexit" and the epidemic caused by the new crown virus. At such a special moment, what changes have taken place in the lives of London residents?

According to CCTV News, the reporter ran into architect Aman for a while while he was sitting on the roadside reading a copy of China Daily.Armando said that he belongs to the dragon, and this is a unique animal in China. His birthday is October 1, which is also China's National Day, so he feels that he has some fate with China.

According to him, his company has participated in the design and construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport and many well-known buildings across China. Although he is trapped in London, he is always concerned about everything that happens in China. He affirms the positive impact of China’s successful epidemic prevention. I look forward to returning to China as soon as possible and returning to the core base of my business.I hope everything goes well in China, and I hope to return to China as soon as possible to help China develop a new generation of green buildings, making cities cleaner, environmentally friendly and sustainable. (Chinese President) Xi Jinping once said that the future of China’s construction will be more Sustainability, the rapid development of China in the past decade has allowed us all to do things, including myself.

In accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations, the British government prohibits the random movement of people from different regions, and prohibits people from different families from gathering during the festival, especially when dozens of countries and regions around the world have interrupted the entry of British tourists. This year, more British people Will stay here and spend a lonely festival.

French immigrant Cecilia: We should have returned to France, but we decided to stay here a month ago because we knew the journey would be difficult. Luckily, the tickets we bought have now been refunded.Reporter: Two days ago, many Europeans rushed back to the European continent. Because of the "Brexit" and the changes in the epidemic, which of these two things has more impact on you?French immigrant Cecilia: At the moment, the impact of the epidemic is greater, but in the long run, Brexit will have the greatest impact. We live near the railway station. It should be convenient to return to Europe, but now we are worried about visas and the like. thing.

The continuing epidemic has affected vulnerable groups. According to the British Food Bank charity organization, by the end of this year, Britain will add 670,000 poor people, and many of the newly unemployed people will not be able to get welfare protection. There are more than 2 million people relying on food banks to ensure food and clothing this year. On some roadside street corners in London, in addition to food bank donation points, there are more free food distribution points donated by private individuals, which have become the lifeline of low-income groups.Londoners: These free foods are very valuable. They are provided for the homeless, low-income people, those vulnerable groups who depend on welfare, and the unemployed. This is the basic guarantee for their survival.