Sure Enough, There Is Something Wrong With The Vaccine In The United States

- Jan 21, 2021-

A novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine has been introduced to the front-line health care workers since the beginning of the United States government. Originally, in the increasingly serious situation of the epidemic, people's expectation for vaccines is just like a long drought. I didn't expect that for a while, the problem of vaccine safety was exposed to the public. Can the vaccine developed by Pfizer be used normally? I'm afraid the U.S. government and R & D enterprises need to conduct a joint investigation and give the public a reasonable explanation.

A novel coronavirus pneumonia in California was reported by a nurse in December 15th in Alaska, USA. On December 16, another medical staff vaccinated in the same hospital also had a serious allergic reaction. It is reported that the nurse came out with serious adverse reactions only 10 minutes after the vaccination, including eye edema, dizziness, itchy throat and other symptoms. Later, he was sent to the emergency room for treatment. After hospital rescue, the nurse was allowed to leave the hospital an hour later. However, it can not be ruled out that under the pressure of the government, the hospital reduced the observation time of the nurse. For the media speculated allergic reaction, the staff of the hospital denied this statement, at the same time, the detailed situation of the choice of silence.

Sure enough, there is something wrong with the vaccine in the United States. Long before the large-scale production of vaccines, the research and development process of vaccines may not be over. As a result, Pfizer's first vaccines may not be really qualified products. Because this is a strategy that the US government has to make out of consideration of the deterioration of the epidemic situation and public protest, the vaccines vaccinated in the US now can only be regarded as emergency supplies. Because the follow-up research of vaccine is not in place, it can only be regarded as the most promising vaccine before, so it is inevitable that there will be problems in the follow-up vaccination process.