Super Spread In Dalian! Relationship Chain Announcement

- Jan 04, 2021-

On January 3, Dalian, Liaoning, held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control work. Zhao Tongbao, deputy director of the Dalian Municipal Health Commission, said that this round of epidemic transmission has strong power and super-spread phenomena.Jin (case 35) caused all 11 people to be infected through a family gathering, and then spread to the corridor unit residents and other social contacts where he lived, causing 33 people to be infected.

Preliminary determination of the source of love! Epidemic transmission chain announced It is preliminarily determined that the local epidemic in Dalian comes from imported cold chain products that have contaminated the new crown virus. This Dalian case is highly homologous and is a locally clustered epidemic caused by the first case. According to the preliminary analysis based on the existing evidence, the vast majority of the cases in this epidemic were caused by the infection of Dalian Port dock workers who were carrying bulk goods positive for the new crown virus on a Russian freighter. 

Later, after the activities of Case 5 (Yuan), In the Jinzuo commercial building, it caused infection among merchants and customers, and spread through infected merchants and customers within the family. The evidence obtained from the on-site investigation suggests that the epidemic started when the porter of the Haohan Labor Service Company became ill and spread to the Jinrun Garden Community through a dinner and moving event, causing a family gathering epidemic; Spread to Jinzuo commercial building through another porter, causing infection to the staff and customers in the commercial building, and then spreading to their family members and close contacts through the staff and customers; Through a family gathering, a family gathering epidemic of 11 people was caused; and the infected persons of the gathering epidemic spread to the outpatient clinic of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, causing 3 people including a graduate student to be infected. 

 At present, the source of infection has been identified in 75 cases and infected persons, and the source of infection of 3 people in a new family of Shi is under investigation.