Single-use Sterile Medical Supplies Management System

- Sep 23, 2016-

Single-use sterile medical supplies management system 1. Hospitals must use a single-use sterile medical supplies equipment centralized procurement, departments shall not be purchased on their own. May not be purchased from illegal channels of sterile medical devices. 2. procurement one-time using medical supplies, must from made provincial above drug supervision management sector issued medical devices Enterprise license, and industrial products production license, and medical devices products registered card and health administrative sector issued health license documents of production enterprise or made medical devices business enterprise license of business enterprise purchased into qualified products; imports of one-time catheter, no bacteria medical supplies should has State drug supervision management sector issued of medical devices products registered card. 3. each procurement, departments have strict quality approval, order, place of delivery and payment remittance account number should be consistent with the producing enterprises, trading enterprises and check each box (for) the inspection certificate of the product, production date, disinfection or sterilization date and Chinese logo such as product labeling and expiration date. Shall not purchase, use the medical device registration certificate, no product certification for medical device sterile equipment. 4. hospital custody Department person responsible for establishing registration books, records every order-arrival time, manufacturers, suppliers, product name, quantity, specifications, price, product batches, disinfection or sterilization date, expiration date, date of name, license number, both supply and demand of health Attn.