Silicone Foley Catheter Features

- Apr 19, 2018-

Silicone foley catheter features

*100% silicone catheter, medical grade, sterilized

*High biocompatibility for long term use

*Symmetrical balloon expands equally in all directions so as to perform its fuction safety and efficienty.

*Size: 2-way Pediatric: 6Fr-10Fr, 3-5ml/cc(balloon)

           2-way Standard: 400mm, 12Fr-26Fr, 5ml/10ml/30ml(balloon)

           2-way Tiemann Tip: 12Fr-24Fr, 10ml(balloon)

           3-way Irrigation: 14Fr-24Fr, 5ml/10ml/30ml

*With radio-opaque line, soft rounded closed tip, two lateral eyes with smooth edges

*Color coded connector