Nursing Points Of Stomach Tube

- Oct 30, 2020-

Nursing points of stomach tube

     Keep the gastric tube negative pressure drainage smooth, and the glass tube at the junction of the gastric tube and the drainage tube should be large in diameter to prevent the gastric contents and blood clots from blocking the tube. Fix properly to prevent the drainage tube from twisting, being compressed and falling off.

    Observe the color, nature, and amount of the drainage fluid. If the drainage fluid is bright red, more than 200ml per hour indicates active bleeding, and the doctor should be notified immediately for treatment.

    Those who have a gastric tube should be given oral care daily. If the lumen is blocked, flush with saline, the flushing pressure for gastric surgery should be low, 20ml each time.

    The bowel movement is restored, and the gastric tube can be removed after the anus is exhausted.