My Son! What Are You Going To Do In China? Canadian Video Blogger Answered Father’s Question In Three Years

- Dec 02, 2020-

  Canadian video blogger Harold Kirk Apesland has been in China on and off for 17 years. Because of a problem with his father, Kirk decided to start recording his life in China on YouTube.Why shoot Chinese videos?Three years ago, Kirk started filming Vlog in Guangxi, recording what he saw and heard in China. Currently, Kirk's YouTube account has gained the attention of tens of thousands of overseas netizens.Kirk said that in fact, when he first became a video blogger to shoot Chinese stories, his purpose was to change his father's misunderstanding of China."Because my dad always said,'What are you doing in China, that is a socialist country.' I said, dad, it's different from what you think. China is very good. He doesn't understand. I told him about China. He is I don't understand. So I started making videos to tell him about my life in China."


  Through these videos, Kirk's father finally changed his mind and learned that China is pretty good, not the same as he initially thought.Not only his father, but after Kirk posted the video on YouTube, many foreign fans also changed their views on China because they saw a different China.Why treat China as a threat?In 2003, Kirk came to China for the first time and met his wife in Guangxi. After retiring in 2014, Kirk moved from Canada to settle in Guangxi and has stayed in China ever since.After a long and in-depth contact, he found that many Westerners did not understand China at all."Many Westerners have never been to China. Their source of information is only Western media. They have no idea how I feel about China. No matter what information they get, it is second-hand information."


  The Chinese are open, tolerant, and enthusiastic, but Western media does not seem to describe the Chinese in this way, and even some foreigners who have never been to China think that China is not safe. Kirk said that the reason is still the Western mainstream media and the propaganda of politicians to the people."If you watch the news channel, the politician leaders you come into contact with, and the leaders' followers all tell you bad things about China, after a generation or two, you will start to believe it. Western media and politicians make their own people I think China is bad. So many people in the West have a bad impression of China."