Medical Tubing

- Sep 23, 2016-

Tubular rubber for medical products. Two types can be divided into external and internal. First for the

Kind of gas, liquid transfer ª¤ stethoscope hose, fluid hose; the latter known medical rubber catheter ª¤ knot

Structure can be divided into single lumen tubing and multi lumen tubing.

Single lumen tubing is only one cavity ª¤ ª¤ multi lumen tubing for medical surgery have more than two cavities (such as double

Superior hemostasis catheter, double-balloon and triple lumen) ª¤ multilumen catheters are accompanied by one or two LaTeX balloon 

Closed, or oppression. Rubber tube inserted into the body cavity and vascular ª¤ rubber tube for injecting drugs or taking

Body fluids and determine the degree of opening of lumen.