Knowledge Of Scalp Vein Set

- Jan 30, 2018-

        As a basic instrument of injection in traditional medical instrument, the scalp vein set was widely used. It’s made of plastic for medical use and natural rubber and can be used to inject certain dose solution into human body. And that the SCALP VEIN SET become the set for connect the infusion set (or syringe) and the vein of human. It’s also mainly made of plastic for medical use.

       Scalp vein set is packaged and sealed in plastic film and single unit or connect with infusion or syringe and sterilized by ETO. It’s not supplied to medical institutes until each property is qualified to avoid cross infection, the scalp vein set is for single use and should be discard after use.

       Scalp vein set for single use is a kind of medical device for single use which infuses solution from vein to human body .Inside part of it presses in large scale with solution , which raises strict requirements on seal and safety of material. Nominal capacity of different specification of scalp vein set for single use is strictly designed according to international standard GB18671-2002 “Intravenous needles for single use” to assure the safety and reliability of product.