Knowledge About Mercury Thermometer

- Apr 06, 2018-

Mercury thermometer is a kind of thermometer that is commonly used in clinical temperature inspection. It is widely used due to its simple measurement operation, low error, low cost and many other factors.


1. Check the thermometer to confirm that the thermometer can be used normally;

2. Be sure to use the thermometer below 35°C;

3. Place the thermometer mercury tip under the armpit so that it is in close contact with the skin;

4. Take the thermometer after 5-10 minutes;

5. When reading readings, the eye and thermometer scale are parallel and the eyes look straight.

6. If the measurement time is insufficient or other factors, you need to re-measure.


1. When using a clinical thermometer, protect the thermometer to avoid mercury contamination after shattering;

2. During the measurement, there should be no sweat in the armpit. If there is sweat, the measurement result will be inaccurate;

3. Take out the thermometer when the measurement time is not full, you need to re-measure, and start from the beginning;

4. Before measuring body temperature, do not eat foods (hot water, cold drinks, etc.) that will affect the measurement results;

5. Before measuring body temperature, you must not do strenuous exercise or take a shower and other actions that affect the measurement results;

6. After the thermometer is broken, emergency treatment is required to avoid poisoning or environmental pollution.

Mercury thermometers can effectively monitor our physical condition, but there are also great potential safety hazards. It is important for us to learn how to use mercury thermometers properly.