Knowledge About Calcium Alginate Dressing

- Jun 25, 2019-

Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing is made of alginate which is brought from natural seaweeds. It will formed gel when the dressing meets exudates., The exudates will be absorbed during this process .It is demonstrated that the dressing has all the advantages including the moisture of wound, and acceleration of healing. 


High absorbency

excellent wet and dry strength

easy to use

remove painlessly

fast gelling

promotes healing through a moist wound environment

confortable and soft


High absorbtion dressing for highly exuding wounds, creates moist wound environment conductive to healing.

Easy to use because it remains intact when saturated, dressing can be removed in one piece

Fills in Dead space: A dressing that takes the shape of the wound cavity completely filling inthe space around the wound.

Sterile packaging: Product is sealed in a package that maintains an environment in which no living organisms exist.

It has the ability to protect bacterial from the wound.

Accelerate the healing by making the wound smaller. Not cause infection of the wound around.