Japan And South Korea Raise The New Alarm Of The Epidemic Situation, And China Strictly Prevents The Entry Of Mutated Virus

- Dec 29, 2020-

South Korea reported the first case of mutated new coronavirus infection on the 28th. The number of people infected with the virus in Japan rose to 8, and there was a worrying "human to human" phenomenon. The mutated new coronavirus seems to be getting closer to us. At present, the mutated new coronavirus found in the UK has been introduced into at least 21 countries and regions. The discovery of a mutated new coronavirus in South Africa has brought the country to a painful "milestone" of 1 million confirmed cases. Since zero o'clock on the 28th, China has asked relevant airlines to suspend scheduled passenger flights between China and the UK until 24 o'clock on January 10 next year. As one of the most successful countries in the world, China has once again demonstrated its determination and determination to keep the mutated new coronavirus out of the country. At the same time, China is fighting a nationwide battle against sporadic new cases. In response to the government's call, many people plan to give up their plans to travel during the New Year holiday. In the United States, with the cumulative number of confirmed cases breaking through 19 million, the number of air trips in the United States has set a record since the outbreak. It is clear that vaccines cannot be used as quick acting drugs to end the epidemic. It is particularly important to recognize this when the threat of mutated new coronavirus is rising.

Asia: ready for mutated viruses

The temperature detection at the entrance, the long queue waiting for nucleic acid detection, and the staff with full protective equipment disinfecting at the port and airport China novel coronavirus pneumonia is a stirring among the dry bones of the world, and the Agence France-Presse has 28 reports that new crowns and pneumonia are increasing in many parts of the world, especially the new virus that is considered to be more infectious. On Monday, China reported 21 new confirmed cases, 15 of which were imported from abroad. At present, there is no case of new coronavirus infection in China.

But the virus has come to China's "door". On the 28th, South Korea reported the first case of mutated new coronavirus infection. Three people who returned to South Korea from London, UK on the 22nd, detected a new coronavirus variant strain in the samples of entry personnel, the central epidemic prevention headquarters of the country announced. In Japan, the number of people infected with the mutated new coronavirus has risen to eight, including the first "human to human" case, following the diagnosis of a Tokyo Metropolitan woman who returned from the UK on the 27th. On the 28th, Japan also confirmed for the first time a case of infection with a mutated new coronavirus found in South Africa.

"Asia is ready for mutated new coronavirus." Agence France Presse 28 reported that Asian governments are taking strong measures to prevent the outbreak of this highly infectious mutated virus. From 0:00 on the 28th to the end of January next year, Japan will suspend new entry from all countries and regions. Kyodo News Agency reported that in order to minimize the impact on the economy, bilateral business contacts with 11 countries and regions including China and South Korea will continue to be released. South Korea, which has suspended flights to and from the UK since the 23rd, decided on the 28th to extend the ban for one week until January 7 next year. On the same day, the Indonesian government announced that in order to curb the spread of the mutated new coronavirus, foreigners will be banned from entering the country from January 1 to 14, 2021.

At the time of "invading" Asia, the mutated new coronavirus first found in the UK has spread to several European countries and continued to spread in Australia, Spain, France, Switzerland and Canada over the past weekend. "Lianhe Zaobao" said that the release of the vaccine made everyone hope that the epidemic situation could be alleviated in a few months. However, a number of countries have found more infectious mutated viruses, which seems to give a warning not to relax their vigilance. The Russian news agency quoted Russian virology expert zuyev as saying that if the sneezing of patients infected with non mutated new coronavirus can infect three people, then patients infected with mutated new coronavirus can pass the disease to 12 people at a time. He called on Russia to stop flights with Britain.

After discovering the novel coronavirus pneumonia variant 501.V2, which spread faster, South Africa became the first country in the continent to break 1 million of the new confirmed case of pneumonia in 27. BBC reported that South Africa's health minister announced this grim "milestone" on the same day. In early December, about 800000 cases were diagnosed in the country. Since December 24, the number of daily confirmed cases has reached a new high, close to 15000. South Africa's health authorities say 80% to 90% of new cases in the country carry the mutated virus. The Guardian reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia has been the death of 26735 of the 60 million population. Hospital capacity has reached its limit, but there is no sign that the surge in cases has peaked. South African President ramafosa is expected to hold an emergency meeting on the 29th and is likely to announce more stringent restrictions.

As the most serious epidemic country in the world, the United States has not yet reported cases of mutated new coronavirus infection. However, Gottlieb, former director of the U.S. Food and drug administration, believes that the mutated new coronavirus "is likely to have spread to the United States, and there are a considerable number.". The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that from the 28th, the United States will require all passengers from British flights to have a negative nucleic acid test within 72 hours of departure.