It Was Ridiculed By Foreign Media As China's Most Desolate Subway Station.Three Years Later, The Counterattack Photos Shocked Overseas Netizens

- Dec 30, 2020-

On December 26, netizen Carl Zha posted a comparison photo on Twitter, which attracted great attention.These two pictures are the Caojiawan Station of Chongqing Light Rail Line 6 in 2017 and 2020 respectively. It can be seen that the Caojiawan Station in 2017 is overgrown with weeds and is quite desolate; and in 2020, it has transformed into a gorgeous place. , Replaced by tall buildings, wide roads.

A few years ago, Caojiawan Station was questioned because the entrance and exit of the station were located in a wasteland. Many foreign media ridiculed this and took the opportunity to discredit China's infrastructure. In a report entitled "Chinese Metro Station in "No Man's Land"" published by CNN in July 2017, the ridicule of Chongqing Caojiawan Metro Station is "apocalyptic fantasy." 

 "The exit is hidden in the weeds of the wasteland," the article said. "There are no houses, paved roads, shops, or other public transportation. There are very few people commuting to get off work." The article also used this sentence to describe: Either you are in the doomsday wasteland future, or you are at the Caojiawan subway station in Chongqing. At that time, some foreign media used this to hype the so-called "Chinese ghost town phenomenon" and "Chinese property market bubble" to smear the Chinese economy. This is what happened here after 3 years Three years have passed, and reality is the best refutation. 

 As infrastructure and surrounding high-rise buildings gradually "landed" here, the once "desolate" Caojiawan Station has now become the best witness of Chongqing's urban development. The Beibei District of Chongqing City, where the Caojiawan Station of Chongqing Light Rail Line 6 is located, is located in the northwest of the main city. It is an important section of Liangjiang New District, Chongqing High-tech Zone and China (Chongqing) Pilot Free Trade Zone, with a permanent population of 816,000. Photo by Qin Tingfu, reporter from Rong Media Center, Beibei District, Chongqing At present, Caojiawan has attracted many well-known national leading developers such as China Shipping, Longhu, and Jinke to take land to build houses.

 The surrounding shopping malls, parks, hospitals, schools, public transportation and other living facilities are also improving. At the same time, convenient rail transportation also allows people living here to continuously expand their lives and work circles. According to the Chongqing Morning Post, the Caijia Wisdom New City, where Caojiawan Station is located, is forming the "Golden Triangle" of the urban integrated sector in Liangjiang New Area together with Lijia and Yuelai. At present, Caijia Bridge on the Jialing River, Water and Soil Bridge on the Jialing River, Lijia Bridge on the Jialing River and other key transportation projects are still under construction in the Caijia Wisdom New City, opening up more external communication channels for the Caijia Wisdom New City. 

 Gorgeous "counterattack" attracts hot discussion from foreign websites China's forward-looking is amazing The tremendous changes in the past three years have also shocked many foreign netizens. Achieved in 3 years, this is crazy! This is a farsighted and rationally planned country Some netizens said: China’s "advanced deployment" wisdom cannot be appreciated by some countries. It shows the forward-looking planning required for a big city like Chongqing. Imagine planning ahead in economic development! ? ! This is too complicated for the American media to understand. "Just like Western media mocking and criticizing China's "ghost cities", these places have become lively in just a few years. Long-term plans are difficult to understand for some people." 

 Netizen @hongfenghuang bluntly said that three years ago, CNN and The Wall Street Journal reported that Chongqing's subway station was built in a "no man's land", and even called it a "ghost city." My colleague sent me the following photo yesterday. China has done many important things according to the plan. (Western media) rushing to conclusions about what happened in China is risky. For a long time, words such as "long-term benefits" and "pre-planning" of Chinese urban planning have been extremely unfamiliar to Westerners, and have even been discredited. 

The "counter-attack" at Caojiawan Station is one example. With the continuous development of China's rail transit construction, more and more stations are being deployed in various places for the future development of the city.