Is There Any Harm In Latex Condoms

- Oct 23, 2020-

Is there any harm in latex condoms?

    Latex condoms are the materials used in the early production of condoms. To be precise, latex condoms are harmful.

    In the production process of natural latex rubber condoms, in order to make the rubber strong enough, it is necessary to add sulfur, zinc oxide, accelerators, dispersants and other substances for vulcanization. After vulcanization, some residual accelerators exist in the film of the condom. These accelerators are easily converted into nitrosamines under certain conditions. Studies have shown that nitrosamines are strong carcinogens.

    The waterborne polyurethane condoms used now are made of polymer material polyurethane, which solves the allergies of latex condoms from the source.Polyurethane is also widely used in the preparation of biomedical materials, such as artificial organs, interventional catheters, and drug slow-release capsules due to its excellent biocompatibility.