Introduction Of Insulin Syringe

- Jan 12, 2018-

Insulin Syringe is composed of barrel, plunger, gasket, cannula, end cap and protective cap. The product is made of PE, rubber, stainless steel by injection molding, printing, assembly, and sterilization (by EO), the products are manufactured in 100 000 grade clean room. The products have sizes including 0.5ml, 1ml. the products are non-toxic, sterile and pyrogen free. They are easy to use.

Some cautions for insulin syringe before using:

a) Use before expire date;

b)The product can be used only once, should be used immediately after opening the package and destroyed after use;

c) Don’t use when individual package is leakage, damaged or protect cap slipped;

d)Store in a place where it avoids high temperature, high humidity, and does not have corroding gases, should have good dryness and ventilation.