Introduction About Medical Silicon Tape

- Jul 13, 2019-

Silicon Tape

Two side tear able nonwoven

Silicone Medical Grade Adhesive, Hypoallergenic, Good adhesion.

Gentle on the skin and painless to remove.

Keep the wound under appropriate temperature and humidity according to "Moist Wound Healing principle"

Reusable, don’t stick to the hair and leave no residue upon remove


Silicon tape is the newest surgical tape, was made of two side tear able nonwoven and silicone gel. It works just like common medical tapes, but have a very gentle feeling on skin. It's hold securely and removes gently & cleanly. Its follows the market trends of 3M & Medline.

Removal Silicone Tape provides reliable securement, kind removal, and gentle wear without compromise. The unique silicone adhesive is repositionable and does not stick to gloves or to itself. Ideal for patients with at-risk skin or sensitive skin.


Terrfic for use on patients where skin condition is fragile, poor or damaged, such as patients after radiation, chemotherapy, in dialysis or infants.

Applicable to a variety of in-dwelling catheters, electrodes, or other external fixation that requires gentle, but robust skin protection and adhesion.