Instruction Of Relieves Blister Pain Instantly

- Aug 13, 2018-

When shoes rub, causing the first layers of skin to be removed and a blister form. IDEAL PLAST blister acts like a second skin to: protect and cushion from rubbing. Repel water and dirt, stay firmly in place for several days


1. Clean and dry skin before use, do not apply on infected wounds.

2. For optimal adhesion, ensure blister area is free of creams and oils.

3. Place the plaster directly over the blister, taking care not to touch the adhesive, and ensuring the edges are well smoothed down.

4. Leave IDEAL PLAST blister in place until it falls off naturally.

5. To remove IDEAL PLAST blister, slowly stretch the plaster along the skin.

6. For best results, use IDEAL PLAST blister until skin is completely healed.