Instruction For Spinal Needle

- Nov 19, 2018-

Extradural Anaesthesia needle

Bend and round-smooth needlepoint can greatly reduce the risks of breaking the hard spinal theca 

and assure the cannula entering successfully.

Graduation on cannula, convenient for control.

Needle hub with wings,convenient to be hold and needle sticking into easily.

Spinal needles

Transparent hub,easy to observe the cerebrospinal fluid discharge.

Hub with lock can keep the surface of needle bevel joint well.

Non-hurt Spinal needle 

Special design for needlepoint will not hurt the hard spinal theca,close puncture hole automatically 

and reduce cerebrospinal fluid discharge.

Suitable shape and location of side hole ensure enough flux,meanwhile reduce the happening of faulty retardarce.

Nerve Anaesthesia needle

Used for part anaesthesia,ease pain or injecting local anesthetic or first aid medication when in emergency.

For single use only, avoid cross infection.