Instruction About Paraffin Gauze Dressing

- Jun 29, 2019-


Scratch and wound

Second degree burns and skin plant

Surgery of nails 

Surgical wound

Chronic wound:bedsore, leg ulcer,DIAB and etc.


It is non-adherent, non allergenic.

A non medicated tulle dressing effectively supports all phase of wound healing.

Impregnated with paraffin.

Forms a separate layer between wound and gauze.

facilitates air circulatuion and hastens healing.

Sterilized by Gamma Radiation.


Need to pack by second degree wound dressing.

This product is disposable. It is sterilized by radiation.

Store in cool place.

For external use only. 

The paraffin gauze dressing consists of fabric of leno weave of cotton, which has been impregnated with white soft paraffin are used to dress denuded areas. It is non-adherent, non allergenic, gamma sterile Dressing It is soothing, enhances healing in burns, skin grafts skin loss and lacerated wounds.