Importance Of Science And Technology

- Nov 06, 2020-

  The development of science and technology is of vital importance to a country, and it is the driving force for national progress. China's achievements in science and technology have amazed the world. The continuous efforts of Chinese researchers and dedicated research have made the progress of Chinese technology companies obvious. However, China’s progress makes the United States feel uneasy. The United States has always been a leader in technology. China’s progress will undoubtedly break the United States’ hegemony in technology. Therefore, the United States has begun to persecute Chinese technology companies and restrict their development and progress. 

  According to a reference report, the US government led by Trump wants to blackmail the Chinese financial technology ant group and include it in the "entity list." This is yet another suppression of Chinese technology by the US government. Due to the unprovoked suppression by the US government, Huawei has faced the risk of cutting supply in the chip field. Semiconductor chips have an extremely important position in the US communications field. For its hegemony in the intelligence field, the US continues to disrupt the Chinese chip industry and cut off the supply chain of Chinese chips.

  Faced with the crazy behavior of the United States, China has played its trump card. As early as September 16, Bai Chunli, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the Chinese Academy of Sciences would turn the US’s “stuck neck” list of China into a task list for research. The Chinese Academy of Sciences continues to conduct scientific research, making breakthroughs in key areas such as supercomputers and high-end bearing steel. Self-reliance has always been China's fine tradition, and this is also China's best counterattack against the United States. It didn't take long before the incident happened.

  According to information, on October 14, the Dutch company ASML announced that "ASML will firmly provide Chinese customers with advanced DUV (deep ultraviolet) lithography machines." The company's lithography machine manufacturing is well-known in the world. The company's CFO Roger Dasson also said that if the lithography machine needs to use American technology, they will actively apply for a license from the United States. China can be said to have won beautifully in terms of technology.

  The reason why this company will cooperate with China is because the UV light source lithography machine developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences is about to be mass-produced, which will allow ASML's similar products to make a big profit in the Chinese market. That's why it ignores the threat of the White House and cooperates with China. Therefore, China is capable of breaking all technological blockades. Although the lithography machine technology is still monopolized by the Netherlands, China is confident of breaking this technological blockade within two years. This is what worries the United States.

  Science and technology originally served the world, but the United States used it to suppress other countries. This is an approach that runs counter to the world. China will use its strength to prove its progress in science and technology. The Chinese Academy of Sciences will continue to break through technological barriers and make China's science and technology more advanced, so that it can gain a firm foothold in the world, serve the world better, and realize its desire to share science and technology.