How To Use Gauze Bandage Correctly

- Apr 11, 2018-

Before the operation, the operator must use disposable gloves to avoid direct contact with the patient's wound to initiate wound bacterial infection.

Second, we should see the patient's wound condition when using it. If the wound is too swollen, it is not suitable for using medical gauze bandages. We should pay attention.

Third, unpack the package and soak it in water for a few seconds. This is to make it work better. The water temperature is generally 25 degrees.

Fourth, when packing, attention should be paid to tightness, not too tight, airtight will make the wound worse, if it is too loose, dust or other foreign matter will enter the wound, which is not conducive to wound healing and recovery. Also, medical gauze bandages should be properly adjusted based on the patient's comfort.