How To Translate The Local Products Of The Moon?

- Jan 20, 2021-

About 1731 grams of "local products" brought back from the moon by Chang'e 5 has attracted much attention. On January 18, the National Space Administration issued the "Measures for the Administration of Lunar Samples" for the first time, clarifying the purpose of these "local products".

The regulations cover general principles for preserving, managing, using, borrowing and returning the lunar samples, as well as information release and research results management of the samples.

The lunar samples will be divided into four categories´╝Źpermanent storage, backup permanent storage, research, and public-interest purposes, according to the regulations.

The samples' managing and using will be done in accordance with international treaties that China has signed or taken part in. Meanwhile, China National Space Administration encourages researchers at home and abroad to use the samples in joint studies on space science and to share their findings with each other.

TThe management and use of lunar samples comply with relevant international conventions concluded and participated in by the People's Republic of China. The National Space Administration encourages international joint research in space science based on lunar samples to promote international sharing of results.