How To Spend The New Year On The Spot? Notice From The Office Of The State Council

- Jan 27, 2021-

All residents in areas at high risk of COVID-19 shall stay at their current residing localities to prevent spreading the epidemic, said the circular. Travel from medium-risk areas will need permission from the local epidemic prevention and control authorities. Those living in low-risk areas shall be advised to avoid traveling unless necessary, the circular said.

In principle, people who do need to travel should not go to medium and high risk areas.

Cities, counties and districts with no newly confirmed cases in the last 14 days are categorized as low-risk regions, those with fewer than 50 cases or those with over 50 but without a concentrated outbreak are classified as medium-risk regions, and those with over 50 cases as well as a concentrated outbreak are classified as high-risk regions.

According to the circular, all localities, especially large and medium-sized cities, are asked to guarantee stable supplies of necessities and energy.

Smooth logistics and transport services should meet the needs for shopping, recreation, and entertainment of people who stay where they work during the holiday.

Efforts should ensure that those who work during the holiday enjoy due overtime payments and rest under the relevant laws, it added.