How To Be A Good BBC Reporter? The Host Of B Station UP Has Made A Quick Textbook, Netizens: There Is Something Inside!

- Feb 03, 2021-

A video mocking BBC tricks used to distort news through oblique shooting and post-production has gone viral on Chinese social media and won thumbs-up among Chinese netizens. The blogger who made the video told the Global Times that he hoped foreign media "will report China objectively."

How to be a good BBC reporter? Let’s take a look at this quick video editing tutorial: At the beginning of the video, Uncle Damo sternly stated that he should follow the principle of “principle of results before evidence” and began his journey of “making” news. During the interview, Uncle Damo “corrected” the head-up camera position in time: “A little bit lower, a little bit oblique, and a natural sense of breathing”. After the camera angle was tilted, it really created the illusion of an "accidental interview".

Uncle Damo’s on-site guidance (revealing the secret) sneak shot skills: "Stand far away", "Zoom in focus", "Slant the lens a bit", "Shake up", "It looks like a sneak shot." Does it smell that way? image No matter what question is asked, the passerby interviewed only needs to face the camera when answering, and say "123...9" seriously, anyway, foreigners can't understand it.

The video also showed how the blogger communicates with befuddled interviewees and directs them to do and say what the blogger wants.

The narrative becomes more convincing when the blogger used editing programs to change the lighting of the clips, which he dubbed an "underworld filter."

Damo Uncle then showed how he uses some shots of garbage dumps, burning fires, the gate of an "experimental" high school, a symbol of infectious waste (at an unknown location) and vehicles in a queue to support a narrative of human experiments, virus leaking from labs and traffic jams due to people fleeing their homes.

Recently, BBC Chinese website released a series of videos on returning to Wuhan. With the crowded night market, dazzling array of shops, and smiling people, Wuhan has long been resurrected with blood, and the facts cannot be changed.