Heartbroken! U.S. Quotations For 2020 Released: Fauci's Wearing A Mask Ranked First

- Dec 09, 2020-

  "Wear a mask" and "I can't breathe" are among the top 10 quotes of the year selected by a Yale Law School librarian.

  As of about 6:30 on December 8, Beijing time, the United States had a total of 15,325,768 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and a total of 290,218 deaths. It is the country with the most severe epidemic situation in the world.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, there have been endless quarrels between the US government and the private over basic epidemic prevention policies and measures such as wearing or not wearing masks, and wearing masks has even become a "political" issue.Yale University Law School ranked first in the top ten "famous quotes" in the United States-Fauci made an appeal in an interview with CNN on May 21 this year: "wear a mask."

   On May 25th, George Floyd, a black American, was "choked to death" by white policeman Derek Chavin. Freud's last cry before death-"I can't breathe." became the second place in the top ten quotations of this year. 

  This case caused anger across the United States. People took to the streets to protest police brutality and racial injustice with the slogan "I can't breathe".According to reports, Fred Shapiro, deputy director of the Yale Law School Library, has been compiling "The Yale Book of Quotations" since 2006.He explained that this is the second time "I can't breathe" on the list. In 2014, the black American man Eric Garner said the same thing when he was locked by the police before his death.

  Shapiro introduced the number of times each sentence was mentioned on the Internet. He said he didn't like this collection of quotations.Shapiro said: "The Yale Quotations have ever included the greatest and most eloquent quotations of great men like Shakespeare." But he regretted that: "There is no Shakespeare anymore....Most words are terrible."

  "I'm looking for quotes that become famous, important and historic (throughout the year) or quotes that say a lot about the nature of our culture and society at the time," Shapiro told CNN.