Five-star Red Flag's First Monthly Dynamic Display!

- Dec 05, 2020-

The panoramic camera of the Chang'e-5 lander and ascender combined a panoramic camera. The five-star red flag was successfully deployed on the lunar surface. In addition, the robotic arm and sampler that have completed surface sampling can be seen above the image.

Five-star red flag's first monthly dynamic display!

At 23:10 on December 3, the Chang'e-5 ascender ignited on the lunar surface, and the ascender carrying the lunar soil was successfully sent into the scheduled orbit around the moon. Before taking off, the upper assembly is used to realize the deployment of the lunar flag and the unlocking and separation of the ascender and the lander. The launch of the national flag is the first time that my country has achieved an "independent display" of the national flag on the surface of the moon. According to the returned images, the five-star red flag is shining in the sun and the "China Red" is particularly bright.

Unlike the national flags on the Chang'e-3, Chang'e-4, and Yutu lunar rover, which are sprayed, the Chang'e-5 flag is a "fabric version" of the flag, which also allows the Chinese probe to put the "Chinese logo" on the moon again.

A thin national flag, full of technological content. How to not fade or cross color in harsh environments such as super electromagnetic radiation and the temperature difference between plus and minus 150 degrees Celsius on the lunar surface? How to ensure that the national flag has sufficient strength and remains flat when it is unfolded? The scientific research team took more than a year to select materials and tried repeatedly, and finally "advanced customization" came out of the national flag. The national flag was unveiled steadily, behind the countless hard work and sweat of scientific researchers.

Why is it so difficult, do we insist on displaying the national flag on the moon? As a netizen said in a message, "Although the red flag is only more than 10 grams, there are hundreds of millions of hopes." The five-star red flag is a symbol of the country, showing the atmosphere of a big country and carrying too much emotion of the Chinese nation. The moment the national flag unfolds on the moon is a testimony to and remembering the Chinese nation’s exploration of the vast starry sky, and it is also a great encouragement to the Chinese people’s innovative faith and confidence.

It can be said that since the first five-star red flag was raised at the founding ceremony, the national flag embodies the powerful force of the Chinese people's tenacious and unyielding struggle. On the journey of Chinese technological innovation, the five-star red flag has always been flying high. In February 1985, the Chinese raised the first five-star red flag in the Antarctic scientific expedition; in June 2012, the "Jiaolong" manned submersible broke through 7000 meters under the sea three times and displayed the five-star red flag three times; in May 2020, The Mount Everest Elevation Survey Mountaineering Team will plant the five-star red flag on the top of the world’s highest peak and complete the survey task; in December 2020, Chang'e 5 will unfold the national flag on the moon, etc., every display unites hundreds of millions of Chinese people. Together, work hard to tackle key problems and strive for merit for the country.

The 22nd meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress, which closed on October 17, revised the National Flag Law and the National Emblem Law. The newly revised National Flag Law has added content such as "The state encourages citizens and organizations to use the national flag and its patterns on appropriate occasions to express patriotic sentiments." The use of the national flag and the national emblem in some important occasions and special nodes such as outer space, Mount Everest, Olympic venues, etc., can more stimulate national concepts, citizenship, and national pride.

This bright Chinese red is the color of life of the Chinese people, and it encourages the Chinese nation to never stop.