Features Of Latex Foley Catheters

- Mar 29, 2018-

Features of Latex foley catheters

*Latex catheter: Malaysia imports of natural latex as raw materials, uses the international advanced production.

*The product surface uses silicone resin material processing.

*The tube body is smooth, the biocompatibility is good.

*Anti high pressure balloon is not easy to rupture.

*The balloon will not plug the hole and ensure the safe use of the hospital.

*Size: one-way, 8Fr-24Fr

           2-way Pediatric, 6Fr-10Fr, 3-5ml/cc

           2-way Standard, 12Fr-26Fr, 5ml/10ml/30ml/50ml

           3-way Standard, 16Fr-26Fr, 10ml/30ml/50ml

*Length: 25-27cm(children and female), 40cm(male)

*Supplied sterile in individual peelable polybag or blister pack

*Sterile by ethylene oxide gas