Features Of Disposable Vaginal Speculum

- Nov 29, 2018-


*A kind of vaginal speculum with trigger used for vaginal examination.

*Sizes: XS,S,M,L

*Vaginal speculum with medium screw: used in Southeast Asia

*Vaginal speculum with press-up trigger: used in America and Canada.

*Vaginal speculum (hook button type)used in Australia 

*Vaginal speculums with side screw: often used in European, southeast Asia and some Africa countries and Latin America.

*It can be adjusted at will, with smooth edges from plastic resin-less, apprehension from patients.

*Sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic,pyrogenic free.

*Color: Transparent semi-transparent non-transparent

*Individual packing: PE bag  film bag  paper-plastic bag