Features About Cohesive Bandages

- Jun 15, 2019-

Features of Cohesive bandage

1. Soft & light fabric for maximum conformability

2. Easy tear for convenient & fast application

3. Helps prevent pets from licking, allowing time for the wounds to heal.

4. Wide range of colors. Individually cello wrapped

5. Application of cohesive bandage

 The Wrap range of bandages were designed specifically for veterinary use. A panel of veterinarians helped develop this high quality cohesive non-woven bandage.

Cohesive bandages are a highly conforming, self-adherent bandage that sticks to itself, and not your animal companion. It is breathable and water-resistant, but does not leave a sticky residue or shrink when wet.

Other types of cohesive bandage we provide:

cotton cohesive bandage

printed cohesive bandage

cohesive bandage latex free