Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: China Is Willing To Continue To Strengthen Cooperation With WHO To Promote Global Traceability

- Dec 19, 2020-

CCB News, Beijing, December 18, according to the China Broadcasting Corporation's "News Evening Peak" report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a regular press conference on the afternoon of the 18th. Spokesperson Wang Wenbin hosted and responded to hot issues.

According to reports, the WHO Regional Emergency Affairs Director Babatund Olevokul said on the 17th that the WHO continues to liaise with China to discuss matters such as the international expert group and its visit location.

In this regard, spokesman Wang Wenbin said that since the outbreak, China has taken the lead in conducting traceability cooperation with the WHO in an open, transparent and responsible attitude.

Wang Wenbin said: "WHO experts have visited China twice, and Chinese experts have also held multiple video exchanges with WHO and international expert groups to actively share China's traceability results and anti-epidemic experience. WHO has also provided China Global traceability research progress. The cooperation between the two parties is advancing steadily. Both parties are maintaining close communication on the next traceability cooperation and work arrangements."

Wang Wenbin also pointed out that traceability is a continuous development process that may involve many countries and places. He said: "For some time, we have seen a lot of reports about the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in many places around the world last year. This also shows once again that the source of the new crown virus is a scientific task, and we must adopt a very rigorous attitude. Scientists carry out investigations and research around the world. China is willing to continue to strengthen cooperation with the WHO and promote global traceability. It is also hoped that other countries can cooperate with the WHO in a positive manner, in order to prevent and better respond Be fully prepared for similar public health crises that may arise in the future."

A reporter asked, the United States may add another 80 Chinese companies to the "blacklist." In response, Wang Wenbin replied: "If what you said is true, this will be another example of the United States using its national power to suppress Chinese companies. China firmly opposes this. The United States politicizes economic and trade issues, which goes against its market economy. The principle of fair competition and the violation of international trade rules will not only damage the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, but also not conform to the interests of American companies. It will seriously interfere with the normal scientific and technological exchanges and trade exchanges between the two countries and even the world, and will be harmful to the global industrial chain, supply chain, and value. We urge the US to stop its wrongdoing of unreasonably suppressing foreign companies. China will continue to take necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies.”

According to reports, the Secretary of Energy of the United States signed an order on the 17th to prohibit power companies that provide key defense facilities from importing certain power system products from China in order to protect US security from cyber and other attacks. In this regard, Wang Wenbin said: "China firmly opposes that the U.S. uses so-called national security as an excuse to groundlessly slander and discredit China and openly suppress Chinese companies without providing any real evidence. The U.S.'s relevant practices seriously violate its usual market competition. Principles and international trade rules will damage the global industrial chain and supply chain, which will damage the interests and image of the United States. We urge the United States to stop politicizing economic and trade issues, stop generalizing the concept of national security, and suppress the wrong behavior of foreign companies. U.S. economic and trade cooperation provides an open, fair and non-discriminatory environment."