Disposable Suction Tube Size Without Handle

- Oct 23, 2020-

1. Check the condition of the suction tube, check the function of the suction device, check whether the suction tube is unobstructed, and whether it will affect the normal suction operation.

2. Prepare all the items for sputum suction, put them on the bedside table, explain the next operation to the patient, explain the purpose of some items, and make the patient ready.

3. Turn the patient's head to the side and lean back slightly. If the patient is unconscious, open the patient's mouth with a tongue depressor, and then insert the suction tube into the throat. When the patient inhales, he will inhale. The sputum tube is inserted into the trachea. If it is difficult for the patient to suck sputum from the mouth, it can be inserted from the nasal cavity. Of course, patients with skull base fractures are prohibited from using it. For patients with tracheal intubation or tracheotomy, a suction tube can be inserted from the intubation or cannula.

4. Before inserting the suction tube, turn on the aspirator switch. But the side hole of the T-shaped tube should be loosened. When the suction tube is inserted into the trachea to a certain depth, press the side hole immediately to suck sputum. When sucking sputum, the sputum suction tube should be slowly lifted from the bottom and rotated left and right to absorb the sputum. Prevent damage to the mucous membrane by fixing one place or pulling up and down to attract. After the sputum suction tube is taken out, absorb water to flush the sputum in the tube to avoid blockage. Turn off the suction switch.

5. One suction should not exceed 15s (clean nasal cavity and oral cavity after suction). Also check the mucosa for damage. The sterile suction tube should be replaced every time sputum suction. Patients with tracheotomy should pay more attention to aseptic operation.

6. Pay attention to the oxygen concentration before and after sputum suction. At the same time, pay attention to observe the patient's vital signs before and after sputum suction. Once any physical abnormality is found, or the patient shows uncomfortable symptoms, the operation should be stopped immediately.

Three matters needing attention of suction tube:

1. After sucking the sputum, the sputum in the liquid storage bottle should be poured out immediately to prevent the liquid from being accidentally sucked into the motor, which will affect the performance of the motor and the performance of the machine.

2. The sputum suction tube should be used once and avoid repeated use to avoid infection.

3. The sputum suction supplies placed in the treatment tray should be replaced daily, and disinfection and cleaning should be done to avoid infection of patients.