Digital RMB 'Hard Wallet' Is Coming!

- Jan 07, 2021-

Doctors in Tongren Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University, located in Changning District of Shanghai, are enjoying a one-stop experience of ordering, consuming and paying through digital RMB "Hard Wallet" on January 5. Different from the previous use of mobile phones to pay for digital RMB, the video card hard wallet, which is separated from mobile phones, has made its debut.

Early in the morning, Yiming, a medical student from the respiratory and critical care medicine department of Tongren Hospital, finished his night shift and went to the staff restaurant to buy breakfast. He took out a card with a display screen and touched it on the payment terminal of the staff restaurant to complete the payment immediately.

"It's very convenient to consume in digital RMB for the first time, and it's very reassuring to be able to see the balance." Yu Yiming said. The reporter saw that in the ink screen window in the upper right corner of the hard wallet card, the consumption amount, card balance and payment times are clear at a glance (right picture).

Ma Jun, President of Tongren Hospital, introduced that Tongren Hospital will further use digital RMB in payment scenarios such as hospital diagnosis and treatment payment, physical examination and parking payment.

According to the introduction, this pilot is the first time to realize the Hard Wallet payment mode of visual card type, which is separated from the mobile phone after Shenzhen and Suzhou mobile phone code scanning and touch payment. This provides the possibility for people who are difficult to use the intelligent terminal to use digital RMB and cross the digital gap. According to Xinhua news agency.