Different Types Of Infusion Sets

- Apr 06, 2018-

Basic type

Features: 1.Varieties and diversity accessories. There are a voriety of options available to cstomers. With the highest level of medical materials, responsible for patients. Introduction of medical grade special material, NON-PVC and NON-DEHP,which is the best choice for special patients.

Automatic exhaust type

Features: Simple operation, spike-bottle and infusion, only two steps, automatically exhaust air. Nurse no need to squeeze or inverted the drip chamber to start infusion. Avoid the complex operation of exhaust air and bubble processing, saving a lot of nursing time and waste of fluid. 

Automatic liquid check type

Features: The function of automatic liquid check is not affected by the composition and purity of the liquid, to ensure the effect of automatic stop the liquid. Greatly lighten the labor of nurse, and reduced patient disputes.

Bubble prevention type

Features: Unique bubble capture device, automatic capture bubbles. Saving a lot of time and avoid liquid wast.

 Precison regulate type

Features: Easy to operate, accurate and stable. The basic error of flow(expressed by relative error) does not exceed 40% of the declared value, to reducing the workload and pressure of nursing effectively.

 Precison filter type


1. Filtration membrane made of high-quality materials, with high filtering rate, high infusion flow speed and without block. Good biocompatibility, no drug adsorption. No foreign objects falling in downstream. Which avoid cause secondary pollution.                  

2. The precision filter with compact design, high exhaust speed and no air bubbles remain.              

3. Precision liquid filtration membrane pore size is 5μmcould filter 90% or more insoluble particles in the liquid effectively and greatly reduce various adverse transfusion reactions caused by insoluble particles, there by improving the safety of the infusion.