Britain's Brexit Welcomes The Finale: The Breakup Is Not Respectable But Too Good

- Dec 26, 2020-

       The value of the Brexit trade agreement is to provide a predictable framework for EU-UK relations.

   The "divorce drama" between the UK and the EU that lasted for four years is finally coming to an end.

On December 24, local time, the European Commission announced that it had formally reached a "Brexit" agreement with the United Kingdom (the full name is the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement) to define Europe and Britain after the "Brexit" transition period ended on January 1 next year. relationship.

   After more than nine months of see-saw negotiations, the "black swan" that took off four years ago finally landed, and the relationship between Britain and Europe has officially entered a new historical stage. According to the announcement issued by the European Commission, the core of the agreement is a "European-British Free Trade Agreement", covering EU-UK trade in goods and services, investment, competition, prohibition of state aid, taxation, transportation, energy, fishery and even data protection, social security coordination, etc. All aspects.

For the United Kingdom, Brexit means the freedom of being "single", exempting the EU from high annual membership fees, getting rid of the production standards and regulations set by the EU, reducing the obligation to assist the EU, and not having to provide loans for students from the EU who come to the UK to study And the autonomy of immigration policy, etc. For the EU, the English Channel has once again become the dividing line between the UK and the European continent. An EU without the UK will have a stronger continental attribute.

   The four-year Brexit entanglement has caused the two sides to lose patience, and reaching an agreement at the last moment of the transition period is the best result after the big compromise between the two sides.

   In fact, after December, the UK and the EU have played a game of extreme pressure on each other. "No-deal Brexit" has become each other's killer, just like a "cowardly game", to see who makes concessions first. Facts have proved that it was the UK who first made major concessions in terms of fishing rights and fair competition, which enabled the two parties to reach an agreement before Christmas, and also avoided a major chaos in the relationship between Britain and Europe.

   At this time, the United Kingdom and European Union outbreaks broke out again, especially when a variant of the new crown virus was discovered in the United Kingdom. Many countries temporarily cut off British flights, and the flow of people and materials between Britain and Europe has been greatly affected. If it is delayed until the moment of "no-deal Brexit", the UK and the EU will undoubtedly fall into the "darkest moment."

  From the perspective of stabilizing bilateral relations, reaching an agreement is a major strategic result. As for the specific content, both parties need to follow-up and gradually implement. The value of the agreement is that it provides a predictable framework for the relationship between Britain and Europe. The next question is, how will the so-called Atlantic Community relationship formed by the EU, the United Kingdom, and the United States be reconstructed?

   The Brexit agreement is hundreds of pages long, and issues of greater concern include the principle of fair competition. European Commission President von der Lein said that this is a well-balanced agreement. According to the agreement, if the United Kingdom complies with fair competition regulations, its products can continue to enjoy tariff-free and quota-free treatment to enter the EU common market. But for ordinary people, if they travel to EU countries, all aspects of car insurance, personal insurance, etc., still need to continue to pay attention and follow up.

   The Brexit agreement reached an end to the four-year-old Brexit drama, and it also became the new beginning of the relationship between the UK and the EU. But in this change, there are also a few laughing and sad.

   The agreement concluded and redefines the relationship between Britain and Europe, but it may intensify the conflict between England and Scotland. The agreement protects Ireland’s interests, and Scotland has to start a new game for its own interests. After the Brexit, if Scotland still wants to stay in the European Union, is there only one way left to “Brexit”? Only time can give the answer.