Britain Can't Sit! 263 Containers Were Returned By The Same Way Without Any Chance

- Dec 31, 2020-

What's the first thing you think of about England? Royal family, Premier League, British rock, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter This country has too many cultural marks. It is undeniable that Britain, the glorious Great Britain and the empire with the flying flag, is a very good tourist destination.

In Britain, whether it is such a brilliant metropolis as London, or a small and exquisite Town, or the magnificent natural scenery of highlands and sea, it is worth visiting. However, there are some "small flaws" behind the seemingly beautiful. According to this year's British government report, the UK produces 5 million tons of plastic waste every year. In order to deal with this waste, the UK has spent a lot of money, but the effect is still not obvious. They can only place their hopes on exports.

It is understood that every year, hundreds of garbage in the UK is transported to secret garbage collection sites all over Malaysia, and then burned by some illegal garbage collection plants. However, it is illegal for Britain to export waste to other countries for landfilling, dumping or burning, and it is not a long-term solution. After consideration, Britain still thinks that exporting "foreign garbage" is the most appropriate way, which will neither pollute its environment nor violate relevant laws.

However, with the development of the times, the awareness of environmental protection in various countries is also increasing. Many countries have put forward relevant policies, refusing to import "foreign waste", and bravely "say no" to foreign waste! The 263 containers transported from Britain to Sri Lanka were returned by the same way just because they had touched the relevant foreign waste treatment policy. It's really not a chance!

According to Sri Lanka's official announcement, 260 tons of British hazardous waste will be returned. Customs said the rubbish should have included second-hand mattresses, carpets and floor mats, but unexpectedly found some medical supplies. Britain thinks that it is very smart to disguise the garbage as recyclable. Unexpectedly, it found domestic and medical wastes and even human body fragments during the entry test. As a result, Sri Lanka decided to return this batch of "foreign garbage" in the same way without any chance.

It's hard to sit in England now! Looking back on the past, in order not to generate waste in Britain, 1.2 million tons of classified waste were exported to China, India, Indonesia and other countries every year. In recent years, many countries, including China, have banned the import of many low-end plastic products. For example, China has banned the import of 24 kinds of "foreign garbage" including plastic bags. As a result, it is difficult for many British waste recycling companies to operate, and they can only stack their waste in warehouses.