Britain And Austria Announced Their Closure On The Same Day

- Nov 06, 2020-

Britain and Austria announced their closure on the same day

    Recently, many European countries have ushered in the second wave of new crown epidemics. The epidemics in many countries have once again become urgent. Faced with the rebound of the epidemic, the number of confirmed cases has increased sharply. On the same day, a second nationwide blockade was announced. So far, 12 countries in Europe have issued blockade bans.

    The closure of the city has caused chaos in the city, and traffic jams directly affect the delivery of international express delivery. Express delivery services in Europe may be completely suspended. The chain reaction behind the lockdown also brought huge challenges to domestic foreign traders.

    In special times, do what everyone can do. In terms of collection, try to assess risks as much as possible to prevent the company from becoming overly passive.