Brief Introduction Of HCG Pregnancy Test

- May 16, 2018-

Brief introduction of HCG pregnancy test

        For rapid, visual determination of HCG in specimen. Our product is accurate, rapid and sensitive. You can get the result with in 1-5 minutes. It is quite convenient for self-perform at anytime of the day. We have many format such as strip, cassette and midstream. The strip is cheaper and the Midstream is much more convenient. We can produce OEM products too. 
        HCG Pregnancy rapid test kit is a glycoprotein hormone secreted by the developing placenta during pregnancy. The concentration of HCG in serum is approximately equal to the concentration in urine. The concentrations of HCG in urine and serum continue to rise during the first trimester of pregnancy to as high as 100, 000mIU/ml. HCG appears in serum and urine shortly after conception, and continues to increase during the early stages of pregnancy, making it an excellent indicator for the detection of pregnancy. 

The kits should be stored at temperature ranging from 4 to 30 centigrade in the sealed pouch for the duration of the shelf life. 
1. For in vitro diagnostic use only. 
2. Do not use after expiration date. 
3. Test device should remain sealed until use.