Be Vigilant! Mysterious ‘x Disease’ In Africa

- Dec 24, 2020-

A mysterious unknown pathogen "disease X" in Africa? According to foreign media reported on the 23rd, in the remote town of ingende in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a female patient developed symptoms similar to Ebola hemorrhagic fever - high fever and diarrhea. But so far, her repeated Ebola test results have been negative, and she is being isolated for observation. The cause of her symptoms is still unknown.

The report of the screenshot inevitably causes people's concern. What if the patient is not infected with Ebola virus? On the contrary, what if she is the mysterious and terrible "x disease" patient zero? The report also said that the death rate of this mysterious disease is as high as 50% to 90% as Ebola virus. "We're all scared," said dadin bonkole, the patient's doctor. "Ebola is unknown, and so is the new coronavirus. We have to be afraid of new diseases. Once the new virus begins to spread among humans, on the edge of forests or in vegetable markets, the consequences can be devastating. The new coronavirus has proved this, and so has Ebola. In most scientific publications, there is a hypothesis that as humans continue to destroy wilderness habitats, more infectious diseases will spread. But it's not "if," it's "when.". The solution is clear. To protect forests is to protect human beings - because mother nature has lethal weapons in her "arsenal.".