About Hydrocolloid Dressing

- Jun 08, 2019-

Hydrocolloid wound dressing is made of a wound contact layerof hydrocolloids and a top layer of either semipermeablepolyurethane film or polyurethane foam. On contact with wound surface, the hydrocolloid wound dressings create a moist environment, which canreduce pain, promote the formation of granulating tissue, prohibit bacteria infection and speed up the healing process.


-  Can be used to control skin ulcer ,leg ulcer and pressure sores;

-  Light abrasion wounds;

-  Second degree burn wounds;

-  Necrotic wound;

-  The bordered and standard products are mainly used on light medium exuding 

   pressure sores and leg ulcers;

-  The thin products are mainly used on dry to light exuding superficial wounds, 

    surgicalpost operative wounds and abrasions. It is also used on small wounds 

    towards the end of healing phase.