Performance requirements for medical tubing

- Sep 23, 2016-

1. the rubber pipe tensile strength not less than 9.0Mpa and elongation at break not less than 400%, hardness (shore a)

For 60~70.

2. standard: standard ISO5359-2000 low pressure hose for medical use.

3. surface color: transparent or translucent.

4. excellent ageing resistance, high tear-resistant ª¤ has the elasticity, permanent deformation ª¤ weak acid and alkali resistance,

Features such as high and low temperature resistance, can be used-50 to 250 degrees, special requirements can be up to 300 degrees, good insulation, high breathability.

5. excellent physical inertia and physiological stability.

6. test report (latex tubes) of the company's products are using green materials, also with ROHS, SGS

Test report, 6 kinds of phthalic acid salts (DEHP, and DBP, and BBP, and DINP, and DIDP, and DNOP) respectively of the content is not more than 1000ppm.

7. specifications: diameter 1mm-35mm, minimal internal diameter of 0.8mm, wall thickness as thin 0.2mm.